Paintings & Thoughts by Joe Sacco


“My ocean scenes are about color and energy.”


“I paint what I see. I see color and light.”


“I look for perspective. I want you to be there.”


“I like to paint everything and am always looking for new opportunities”

“I enjoy doing commissions. First, I research so I can put myself into that place or situation. Then I work to translate my experience so others can feel they are there.”

We hired Joe to commission a painting of our beloved family home in Puerto Penasco, Mexico. The home holds countless memories. Joe captured the setting and feeling perfectly! Every time we look at the painting, it immediately transports us - we can feel the sea breeze, sun shining, and the taste of a cold cerveza! The detail of the waves breaking in the Sea of Cortez, and our fellow Osprey who lives atop the sailboat, are uncanny. This painting is priceless to us, and we are proud to have it showcased in our home! Just last year we purchased a second painting of Joe's, and we know this is just the beginning of our Joe Sacco collection!  

— Katie & Scott Rosenquist

Joe has painted a number of pieces that are personal to me. Two paintings stand out: The coastline at Big Sur and the village square at my daughter’s wedding in San Miguel de Allende. Joe’s attention to detail in his work is incredible. Both paintings were inspired by photos I sent him. A picture, or in this case a painting, is truly worth a thousand words.

— Steve Gervais

Sometimes a photograph is more than a photograph. You look at it and can remember the sound a screen door makes banging shut on a summer morning or the excited chatter of the kids and their cousins in the candy aisle of the general store where you pick up muffins and the paper before heading to the beach. Sometimes a painting is more than a painting. Joe’s magic is to take a photo and capture the essence of the place so vividly that it evokes all the memories stowed away in the back of your brain. Joe’s painting is even more important now because the little general store is no longer there, but our memories are intact and alive and that is a gift.

— Randy and Jennifer Clark

When Joe showed me what he was doing with his art I knew I wanted a painting. He gave me the option to commission a quintessential Arizona canyon scene which my friends try to buy to this day. I am a saltwater flyfisher and returned from Cuba with a great photo of a Tarpon twisting in the air. Joe had not painted action at that point, but he agreed to paint it. It is the second painting that awes my friends. I count myself very luck to have such a talented friend.